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AWOL - All Weather Odor Lock Bags

All Weather Odor Lock (AWOL) bags are among the very first and best in highly portable odor control storage solutions. AWOL bags come in two configurations in order to offer the most optimal features for any large storage and portability need.

Constructed with several layers of the highest quality fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon layer, sealed with a heavy duty wet-suit zipper and overlapping Velcro flaps, and complimented with powder coated metal hardware in order to provide many years of reliable service; storing, moving, and protecting your bags contents.

Each AWOL bag configurations comes in two sizes included:

  • L Backpack (21x13x7 in = 1.1 cuft)
  • XL Roll-Up Backpack (25x12x5 in Folded / 39x12x5 in Unfolded = 0.89 cuft / 1.35 cuft)
  • XL Duffel Bag (33x15x15 in = 4.3 cuft)
  • XXL Duffel Bag (40x20x20 in = 9.26 cuft!)

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AWOL - All Weather Odor Lock Bags