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Autogrow Systems - Intellidose Controller (AA-3101-001)

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Autogrow Systems - Intellidose Controller (AA-3101-001)
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The IntelliDose set the industry standards for auto dosing! The IntelliDose will dose up to a 8 part blend (nutrients, additives, pH adjuster), maintaining your preset EC and pH settings. Here are a few of the many features:

Super easy to use! The large, interactive screen allows you to easily maneuver between calibrating, set points, alarms and configuration. If you can program a number into a cell phone, you can program your IntelliDose.

Solenoids or Peristaltic Pumps? You choose! Solenoids are gravity-fed valves that will deliver your nutrients, additives and pH adjuster to your reservoir. Though solenoids are less expensive, but still accurate valves, they can be more time-consuming to use. When using gravity-fed valves, you must have buckets of solution on a shelf at least 5'... this creates the chance of leaks and plumbing issues. Also, solenoids need to be cleaned every 4-6 weeks to function properly. Peristaltic pumps, though a bit more expensive, are the better long term investment. Since the peristaltic is a pump, you can set your buckets of solution on the ground, allowing for a much larger quantity of pre-mixed solutions at one time. This also lowers the possibility of leaks and spills. Maintenance on the peristaltic pumps is minimal, usually a once a year tubing swap.

Run up to four irrigation stations! The IntelliDose can also run up to four irrigation stations.This allows for different areas of your grow space to be watered on different schedules from one reservoir, or to have one pump feed each station at different times.You can also choose to set your system to only irrigate during the day period, to ensure you do not water at night.

Connect with or without a PC! The IntelliDose has the ability to be connected to a PC, but it is not necessary. Growers should determine their own privacy level...if you don't want your controller online or connected to a PC, it doesn't need to be. If you want to have the benefits of data logging and scheduling, the PC is needed, but it does not have to be online. If you would like remote access and alarms, simply connecting the PC to the internet will give you this option... you choose your own comfort level!

Works with any nutrient line! You can use any nutrient line with the IntelliDose, liquid or powder. Simply determine your proper dilution ratios (don't worry, we can help!) and the IntelliDose will keep the reservoir at your perfect recipe 24/7. Set your schedule once and forget it! Using the IntelliGrow software, you can set your entire nutrient schedule up in one fell swoop, making changes if needed and saving schedules for future use. Scheduling out your nutrients allows you to make changes in your reservoir as often as needed and you don't have to be onsite!

Data log 'til your hearts content! Using the IntelliGrow software, you can data log your nutrient levels, pH levels and reservoir temperatures endlessly... this data can be exported to Excel for further analysis, if you so desire.

Access from the beach (or your couch!)! With the IntelliGrow software installed, there are many different options for remotely accessing your IntelliDose. You can log into the software and make changes, check your set points, enable or disable the pumps, etc. With a Twilio account, or your email accounts, you can have the IntelliGrow software text or email you if a setting goes outside your perimeters.


  • Measure nutrients in EC/CF/TDS (500/640/700 scale)
  • User determined temperature and date format
  • pH lower or raise
  • Able to set different EC for day and night
  • Able to lower EC by adding water
  • Three types of alarms (local, PC, text)
  • Irrigation pump outputs
  • Fail safe dosing shut offs

Intellidose Manual


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