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Eye Hortilux - Bulb MH 1000W E-start (HX51628)(901750)

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Eye Hortilux - Bulb MH 1000W E-start (HX51628)
Eye Hortilux - Bulb MH 1000W E-start (HX51628)Eye Hortilux - Bulb MH 1000W E-start (HX51628)Eye Hortilux - Bulb MH 1000W E-start (HX51628)
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HORTILUX e-Start Metal Halide is a new family of lamps designed for use on electronic/digital ballasts. The starting and operating characteristics of electronic/digital ballasts are different than traditional magnetic core & coil ballasts. These differences allow us to optimize lamp performance over life to improve results in your indoor garden.

• Vegetative spectrum for beginning stages of plant growth
• Extends Peak Spectral Output which means the quality of the spectrum is maintained over a longer lamp life
• Extends time between lamp replacement which saves money
• Designed for electronic/digital ballasts
• Can also operate on pulse start magnetic core & coil ballasts
• 100% lead free


• Must be used in an enclosed fixture only
• 1000W e-Start lamps operating on a switchable core & coil ballast must be run on the HPS setting


Eye Hortilux

Eye Hortilux Grow Lamps

EYE HORTILUX®, a division of EYE Lighting International, designs and manufactures high-quality grow lamps and electronic ballasts.

Our grow lamps and e-ballasts produce supplemental or artificial light for indoor plant growth.

Made in the USA

EYE HORTILUX® Grow Lamps are manufactured in our factory located in Mentor, Ohio!

Exclusive EYE HORTILUX® Spectrum

We are the only HID lamp manufacturer in the world that manufactures our own chemistry. Why is this important? The chemistry that goes into each lamp produces the spectrum your plants require. EYE HORTILX lamps are unique, highly-tuned light sources specifically designed to maximize plant growth!

Tested for Perfection

Every single EYE HORTILUX® grow lamp is tested prior to packaging. This final test ensures that you are purchasing a quality product you can trust.

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