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Autogrow Systems - Nutritest Handheld Combo Meter (A-3301-002)

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Autogrow Systems - Nutritest Handheld Combo Meter (A-3301-002)
Autogrow Systems - Nutritest Handheld Combo Meter (A-3301-002)Autogrow Systems - Nutritest Handheld Combo Meter (A-3301-002)Autogrow Systems - Nutritest Handheld Combo Meter (A-3301-002)Autogrow Systems - Nutritest Handheld Combo Meter (A-3301-002)Autogrow Systems - Nutritest Handheld Combo Meter (A-3301-002)Autogrow Systems - Nutritest Handheld Combo Meter (A-3301-002)
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Product Weight: 
5 lb
Product Dimensions: 
10 × 10 × 10 in
Description and Overview 

The NutriTest is the first meter on the market to have the advanced programming of a commercial meter with a price point sure to please all growers! Here are a few of the features that separate the NutriTest from other meters on the market:

All measurements on one screen!

On other handheld meters, you need to scroll to see your pH, nutrient and temperature readings. On the NutriTest, all three readings are on the home screen so there is no effort to get all your readings in one quick glance.

Easy to navigate menu!

The full screen menu is so easy to navigate, just follow the clear and concise prompts. No more counting clicks, waiting for prompts to tell you what mode you are in, simply read the screen!

Easily replace pH probe!

In case of failure, two separate probes allow you to only replace the probe that has failed, saving money by not replacing probes that are working fine.

Calibration is a breeze!

No toggling between knobs and buttons, simply choose “Calibration” in the menu, the probe you are calibrating, set the probe in the solution and hit calibrate. The countdown starts (20 seconds) and bam, you are calibrated!

Quick measurements all at once!

Drop both the probes into the reservoir, hit sample and 1/2 second later you will have all three readings (pH/nutrient/temperature) on one screen.

More features:

  • 5 year warranty (6 months on pH probe)
  • Measure nutrients in EC/CF/TDS (500/640/700 scale)
  • User determined calibration solution for EC
  • User determined temperature format
  • Automatic mode is a continuous monitor (PRO model)
  • Saves last 10 historic readings (PRO model)
  • User adjustable alarms (PRO model)
  • Power saving mode to save battery life


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