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Xtreme Gardening - Mykos Bars 100g Singles (60 per case) (RT6502)

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Xtreme Gardening - Mykos Bars 100g Singles (RT6502)
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Mykos - Pure, Fresh & Alive: A beneficial organism, Mycorrhiza, plural Mycorrhizae, lives on the roots of plants and forms a symbiotic relationship. It then extends microscopic straw-like filaments called "hyphae" into the soil with which it extracts, transports, and dramatically increases a host plant's supply of nutrients and moisture. Pockets of nutrients and water in the soil which were once unreachable by standard root systems are now made accessible through the "super-mining" effects which mycorrhiza gifts to your plants.

2-year guaranteed shelf life.


Xtreme Gardening

Xtreme Gardening

Launched in late 2008 as a new, retail division of reputable Reforestation Technologies International (RTI), Xtreme Gardening brings highly effective beneficial biological inoculants to the home gardener.

RTI is best known as the United States’ oldest-running and most renowned producer of Mycorrhizal Inoculum, providing the world with high-quality biological inoculant. RTI products have successfully helped plant over 750 million trees in 9 countries. Also restoring some of the poorest habitats known to man (strip mines, nuclear test sites, deserts, and barren wastelands) around the globe into lush, thriving ecosystems capable of not only sustaining life, but producing bountiful harvests.

Xtreme Gardening was born with the goal to inspire a new generation of gardeners and growers. Looking to maximize yield and quality through organic ammendments, Xtreme Gardening's beneficial microbes allow your plants to embrace what is available to them.

No longer limited by chemical fertilizers, the natural technologies developed by Xtreme Gardening lead to sustainable practices that enhances yields.

With Xtreme Gardening beneficial microbes, gardeners are able to unlock their plants true potential and reach new levels of production unattainanled through conventional inputs.

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