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Tarpline - Tarp Zip Up Blue Twin Pack (TLTW104)

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Tarpline - Tarp Zip Up Blue Twin Pack (TLTW104)
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1 lb
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Description and Overview 

Tarp Zip-Up's tear resistant Peel and Stick Zipper allows the user to create a Zipper Door in any plastic film.

Used for dust control in:
• Construction
• Renovation
• Restoration

Also widely used in various industries, including:
• Agriculture
• Hydroponics
• Horticulture

Tarp Zip-Up's zipper is very unique in that it solves the problem of creating a secure and easy to install door into sealed off areas and plastic film structures.

Tarp Zip-Up is very user friendly and easy to install:
1) Simply remove the backing paper
2) Apply to plastic film
3) Open zipper
4) Using a utility knife, cut through the layers of plastic and you now have a zipper door!



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